Giovanni Melton’s Story is OVER Because of S...

Giovanni Melton’s Story is OVER Because of Senseless Homophobia [VIDEO]

“WWYD if…”

We’ve all seen a caption that started with those words & ended with violent hatred. These straight men have pictures of feminine and/or gay men saved in their phones to post online for others to bash. Interesting.

“What would you do if this was your son?”

You can always count on those words to be tweeted out along side a picture of a boy who might dress and act like I do. These idiots make sure that we’re able to see that the boys who are pictured do not follow society’s bullshit rules.

If these heterosexual men were so straight, why don’t they focus on women? Why is their concern always bashing men who don’t fit what their image of masculinity is? Why do they care if certain men don’t want to adhere to the man-made idea of masculinity in the first place? If you’re attracted to women, why are gay men always the first people on your mind?

And now, because this idiot father couldn’t think outside of this rigid, traditional, ineffective, outdated ass box (like some of the rest of y’all), a 14-year old boy is now dead. A motherfucker wanted to uphold the status quo so badly that it was apparently worth killing his own flesh and blood for. Giovanni wasn’t even able to finish high school before the deadly effects of homophobia, discrimination, hatred, and stupidity took everything from him.

I’m not going to drag your pacifier too hard, but I have to mention it. The pacifier of American society is colonial Christianity. Some of y’all are christians because your ancestor’s slave masters said so. And (as it always was) Christianity is used as social control and to help you all with your existential crises. Do you. But either way, hypocrites that eat everything they see, have sex before marriage and wear clothing of mixed fabrics are foolishly using Christianity to defend their homophobia.

Stop using the man-made bible to defend your hatefulness. That book also told us to stone disobedient children and yet you are still here ALONG with your bad ass kids. The apple doesn’t fall far.

14-year-olds living in their truth should not be subject to neglect and death from insecure family members and their problematic thought processes. I’m tired of the statistics of homeless LGBT youth. I’m tired of the high numbers of abused gays. I’m also sick of hearing how society ostracizes these young people so much so that a lot of them choose to take their own lives.

The state of affairs is disgusting and something has to change.

Watch my video on this subject here: