Y’all Bully Feminine Men But Love Tyler Perr...

Y’all Bully Feminine Men But Love Tyler Perry’s Problematic Drag Performances

Let’s get straight to it. Someone tweeted that Tyler Perry was in talks with Marvel and DC. So in response, I posted the following tweet. It did some numbers, and it also got many people a bit pressed.

A lot of people were angry that I was “slandering” a black man who’s done a lot for the community. I think people first need to learn the difference between critiquing based on facts and past evidence vs. slandering. Secondly, someone can help the community and still create some dumpster juice films and have shitty ideologies. I’m not ignoring the good work that he’s done, but Tyler Perry DEFINITELY has room for growth and improvement. I mean, just at the surface level–many villains in Tyler Perry’s movies seem to always be dark-skinned and the heroes are lighter. That’s just the beginning.

It’s also crazy to see (many black) people caping so hard for Tyler Perry’s white-jesus-indoctrinated drag performances, yet gays in actual drag are hated so much by them. It’s hilarious to me that as long as you sprinkle a little Caucasian Christ on it, everything is fine. But let an actual LGBT person be androgynous or crossdress and you would think that the world is ending based on people’s reactions.

Are white people laughing with Madea in these low-budget, no plot having ass movies? Or are they laughing at her? To me, Madea’s stereotype-drenched character has been more than extremely cringe worthy.  Tyler Perry’s thematic vocabulary needs broadening as well. I understand that he’s been through some painful trauma/experiences and uses that to channel his creative energies but at this point it’s predictable (which is why the tweet above resonated with people). Not only that, but we have so many diverse and unique stories in the black community. Tyler is too seasoned now to be letting the walking stereotype/laughing stock Madea continue be such a huge part of his legacy.

But, for some reason, y’all love it. It’s just like most of your favorite male social media personalities. You all don’t give a fuck about them until they’re in wigs perpetuating stereotypes. You all hesitate to support male creators who crossdress and have feminine personalities in real life. You will only accept it if it’s in costume form so you can laugh at it.

Do better. Some men are feminine, some women are masculine. It’s all a spectrum anyway. It’s an illusion and some of you wish you could break free from these performances of gender but are too scared that you’ll be shunned by society. The people who break these unwritten rules unapologetically are courageous as fuck. Respect that. If you’re going to giggle at Tyler Perry using Madea to sing negro spirituals for watermelon slices, then you should not be dragging anyone who’s actually living their truth. Toodles.