DONALD TRUMP, If You Don’t Take Your Bloated...

DONALD TRUMP, If You Don’t Take Your Bloated-Bullfrog Shape Ass To Puerto Rico!

I mean, you have leaders in Puerto Rico crying in the media, begging Trump to take his penguin, golf-playing built ass to the country and bring some federal aid with him too.

This section of a landfill really went onto a press conference talking about “this thing called the Atlantic Ocean” is making it challenging to aid to get to P.R. Ok, sis. What you NEED to do is take all of OUR money that you’ve been using to fly your dingleberry shape ass to West Palm Beach and all over the damn country to golf and use it to help out the people who are DYING.

Hospitals in P.R. are running out of fuel to keep life-saving systems online. So people are dying. They are running out of food and water down there. People are dying. People have lost their homes and places of refuge are crowded. People are DYING.

And yet Trump is sitting around playing on twitter angry at the knees of athletes. He sits in the highest office of one of the most technologically advanced nations on the fucking planet but then decides to tell us that the Atlantic Ocean is too big of an obstacle to get over.

Someone should take your twitter account and place it in whichever blackhole your IQ points have vanished off to. It honestly shouldn’t matter whether or not they are U.S. Citizens–a majority are–yet even that has not motivated your puss-leaking ass to be a decent human being.

After getting grilled for not saying anything about P.R., you ended up doing so but not without mentioning the fact that they owe billions of dollars to banks and that their infrastructure wasn’t great. I don’t know where to begin with your E.T. shape ass but I know where I want it to end.

With Impeachment.