Cardi B’s Problematic Self Said That She Got...

Cardi B’s Problematic Self Said That She Got The Raid For Yall

Some of y’all need to just go ahead and delete ALL your tweets when you complete the come up. Cardi, you need to get a proper team behind you and FAST. A team that will tell you that instead of recording yourself getting fingered at the club, you need to be making sure your that brand will stand the test of time.

Cardi had a lot of tweets dug up about her recently. In them, she was calling many dark-skinned women roaches. She defended herself saying that people in the Bronx used that term when they roast. Ok sis, but you’re ignoring the racial implications behind it and you’re acting like no one has any reason to raise their eyebrows because of it. You may not have meant it that way (or are subconsciously associating dark skin with roaches–which is what I think is happening). Either way, you could have used this moment to understand where others are coming from and possibly alter your vocabulary.

And if for nothing else, you could have avoided all of this backlash by simply appearing apologetic. Especially with those transphobic comments I’m seeing flying around. No one is expecting you to be perfect, I’m sure most everyone has been ignorant and problematic. But it just seems like you’re acting like people’s concerns are unfounded. You’re presenting a response that’s rooted in an unwillingness to learn and it looks shitty for your brand.

Often times we see people make stupid mistakes when fame comes to them relatively quickly. Change the way you present yourself before you’re permanently tarnished. Get a PR team. Hand over most of the control of your social media to branding professionals since you can’t seem to stop searching your name. Don’t let this fame drive you crazy, sis. Learn from this.

Y’all can watch her response to everything here: