Does Boosie Feel The Same Way About His Young Daug...

Does Boosie Feel The Same Way About His Young Daughters?

Whenever Lil Boosie opens his mouth, my IQ points shrivel up and fall out of my ass. It is for this reason that I have to keep myself far away from his comments any time he shows up on my timeline. But I honestly couldn’t help but pay attention to this. Look at this:

This man really wrote out a caption saying that he would pay someone to commit statutory rape on his son. Some of you men are real empty headed, knuckle-dragging imbeciles. Why don’t y’all post pictures of your daughters with the same caption? There are so many people underneath his Instagram post defending it. But why is it that you all wont put up a picture of your little sister with the same caption?

This boy looks like he is in middle school or something and y’all will potentially scar him for life because of the idiotic standards of masculinity that exist. You try to force these boys to grow up fast and they end up being damaged, scarred, developing the same mental problems that all the men around them are struggling with. Aggression, rapey tendencies (since they’ve been taught to view women as masculinity-affirming property), depression and anxiety (since boys are forced not to emote from a young age) and more.

There are even people in the comments saying that forcing this boy to have sex will prevent him from “turning out gay.” Keep thinking that dumb shit if you want to. If I was forced to be sexually intimate with a woman it really would only make me want a big ass dick in my mouth that much more.

Straight men are so used to using force that they forget that just because someone may hold their asses at gunpoint and make them eat dick, that it won’t turn them gay. I’m not sure why they think that they can rewire a gay brain by forcing someone to play with the puss. But I digress.

Idiots will always be idiots, it’s just that their children don’t deserve the abuse which stinks of misogyny.