Cooning Caricature Jay Versace Forgets That He Was...

Cooning Caricature Jay Versace Forgets That He Was Once In A See-Thru Closet Too [VIDEO]

The fact that we all knew Princeton’s ass was gay this whole time anyway is beside the point. Why is Jay Versace in these twitter streets outing people like he wasn’t ducking and dodging sexuality questions a few months ago like they were the police? Why can’t Jay Versace see that the only reason people didn’t pull his card is because heteros love it when gays put on a wig and coon for them? Yeah, they might have suspected that you liked to play with a few peens but as long as gays are a laughing stock, sexuality can be overlooked. That’s the only way Tyler Perry is getting away with it. (But you didn’t hear that from me).

I can’t help that this is the brand you wanted to build: tap dancing for a laugh while dipping into being problematic here and there. I also can’t help that Princeton didn’t want you. Maybe it’s because you’re a new gay with half a foot out of the closet, but DL men or (more accurately) men who think they are DL look out only for themselves and don’t give a damn about your feelings.

Now, if we’re speaking specifically, black men choose to be DL because of the tremendous work we still have to do in the black community when it comes to homophobia and the ostracization of gay men. But you would know this wouldn’t you? Since this very fear is what kept you from making a statement about your sexuality (regardless of how painfully obvious it was). So for you to have gone through all of that and still take it upon yourself to out someone simply because your feelings got hurt is beyond me.

I’ve said that the only way that I’ll be around DL men is maybe when I want some sexual activity. Outside from that, they can provide me with nothing useful. Now, I wouldn’t be pressed if you outed Princeton if he was a person who went out of his way to harass, assault, or terrorize gay men. That’s why I’m not concerned when lawmakers get outed after they have made it their career goal to worsen the lives of gay men. I wouldn’t be mad. Out them. Out them all.

But (as far as I know) Princeton didn’t do that. This looks like petty middle school drama that you turned into something ugly. I can only imagine what Princeton had to deal with as a young kid in the industry who was also working through being queer.

I wonder how many people could have outed you while all that dust was shaking from the wigs in your vines & videos.

Watch my video on the subject below: