Migos Is More Worried About Gay Men Than Their Nur...

Migos Is More Worried About Gay Men Than Their Nursery Rhyme Raps [VIDEO]

Nevermind the fact that Migos allowed themselves to be used as the paint in Katy Perry’s blackface…it’s been reported that they were so uncomfortable with the drag queens in one of Katy Perry’s performances that some had to leave. Also, ALL the drag queens were not allowed to come to the afterparty.

I already gave that cabbage built witch a piece of my mind but this proves that after gays (and blacks) are used for a certain purpose in the money making agendas of these culture vultures, they are discarded. They were ‘good enough’ to help give your performance some traction, but they weren’t good enough to enter your party? OK.

And Migos! You (and your colleagues) love to hate on gay people while bragging about wearing the high fashion that gay men design. Y’all have a whole song repeating “Versace” over and over again. Versace was started by a gay man. The company is being maintained by gay men. All the other labels and designers you all brag about purchasing were all made possible by gay men. If you think you’re going to be in something as artistic as the music industry without coming in contact with gay men, you are fucking mistaken.

I’ve fucked niggas that trap hard and I’m sure they make up a part of the percentage of your gay ass fans. Get. Over. Yourselves. It’s 2017 and honestly if I was a heterosexual male, I’d be focused on vagina. The fact that you all claim to be straight and yet concern yourselves with how many dicks we like to suck, tells me more about you than anything else. If you all would just unclench your fucking holes, you’d pop less blood vessels while straining to think about gay men who aren’t concerned with anything but brunch this upcoming Sunday.

If you’re straight, be straight, and focus on women. Ya’ll are from the Atlanta area for pete’s sake. The world is moving and progressing quickly and you all are already making the wrong moves by being Katy Perry’s pee-ons. Artists are coming out, becoming allies and even putting gay couples on their album covers. And honestly, the black community has MANY more things to be worried about instead of focusing on the fact that I like to play with penises.

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