Katy Perry Is Stealing Cultures Hoping It’ll...

Katy Perry Is Stealing Cultures Hoping It’ll Replace Her Lack of Talent [VIDEO]

A lot of your faves will ride the dicks of gay and/or black culture until the girth of the coins that they get from appropriation maxes out and they move on to the next.

I’m tired of seeing Katy Perry take herself into territories that she has no idea about only to use cultures like props. What was this trash clusterfuck of Party City drag queens that Katy Perry threw together on SNL like they were damaged confetti? And also, why allow yourself to be exploited by a person who used your orientation as a diss talking about “you’re so gay and you don’t even like boys”? Yall are WEAK.

What was even more pathetic was Migos allowing themselves to be used and discarded  like a semen-drenched condom. Why is everyone else posing like normal human beings, but Katy is over here acting like that one white girl in school who will brag about fucking black men but would never bring “one of them” home to her parents.

It’s cringey and her performance with them on SNL also had me about to vomit. From the weak ass dabbing to the disjointed combination of seemingly electric-shock induced movements, everything about this was about to make me choke. And can we talk about how this woman was dressed up like the referee to the lost game that I call her career?

This isn’t the first time it will happen, and Miley and Katy won’t be the last to try and use a defibrillator on their corny ass careers by appropriating (and then discarding and degrading) cultures. Most of yall faves’ careers are just facades so it would make sense that they would try and use masks to help revive their images since they have zero talent. But our life isn’t a costume and we live with it everyday.

When you change eras (after you realize people STILL won’t buy your music), you can leave all of it behind after you’ve made a mockery of it. Me, however? I’ll still be very black and I’ll still be gay as hell.

My video reviewing the Billboard Awards and the antics of the culture vultures is in the video below: