Stevie Steve’s TRASH Coercion Tells A Story ...

Stevie Steve’s TRASH Coercion Tells A Story About Misogynist Abuse [VIDEO]

Women have been telling y’all that they pretend that they are interested in some of you men, because they know that some will harass or kill women that don’t give them their numbers. For eons, men have been constantly putting the pressure of their insecurities and trash choices on women. This situation is no different. Look at the status he wrote below 

It is not her responsibility to contact your abusive ass in order to get YOU to stop killing. It’s not anyone else’s fault that bullets are flying but your own. How many times have men put women in situations like this to try and force them to do something they are not interested in doing all while spouting trash “You can stop/change this. It’s your fault” rhetoric?

It’s time to stop telling boys to “man up” and ignore their emotional issues. It’s time to teach boys to talk about their feelings and cry if they need to. Trash standards of masculinity will cause boys to grow up into insecure men who can’t handle their emotions. Instead of buying a damn tub of ice cream and crying about the situation with friends, he’s chosen to let out his disappointment and anger through the use of bullets.

Find his ass. Get him OFF the street. Watch my video on the subject below: