10 Things That Trump’s Bomb-Dropping Ass Is ...

10 Things That Trump’s Bomb-Dropping Ass Is Built Like

Since Donald Trump decided to carelessly drop bombs everywhere to try and distract us from the fact that he’s riding Russia’s dick with no lube, I’ve decided to send him a few things. Below are 10 things that are constructed just like Donald Trump’s bad-bodied, no hairline having ass. Let’s begin!

1. Donald Trump’s BITCH ASS is built like a whole fucking trench-dweller. Ol’ deep sea expedition built bitch.


2. I’d have never guessed that I would ever come across a picture that truly recreates what I see come across my TV screen whenever Donald Trump is making an attempt to address the nation with his no-reading-skills-having-shaped-head-ass.


3. Whichever extraterrestrial demon dropped Donald Trump’s bean bag built ass off in our atmosphere needs to come retrieve this dusty, racist, fossil at ONCE.


4. Donald Trump is constructed just like this moldy lunch lady built ass villain


5. You see that nose? About as big as Donald Dump’s ego and equal to the size of his incompetence.


6. Daffy Donald Duck is constructed like one of the farts from Shrek’s leaking green asshole.


7. It concerns me that Donald is built like a character from Jay Jay the Jet Plane, but as much he misuses taxpayer funds to fly his hefty, beach ball shaped head ass on Air Force One…at the end of the day this comparison still makes sense.


8. Ol’ trip to the vet built bitch. Get Donald Trash’s dog pound shape head ass out of the fucking Oval.


9. Since he likes to steal the voices of minorities, I decided that not only is he physically built like an oyster slurping sea-witch, but he thinks he has magical powers as well. I’m ready to call Marie Laveau from American Horror Story to conduct a counter spell.

10. The resemblance is uncanny and so is Donald’s breath. Imagine trying to keep a straight face through all the hot air that Trump and Voldemort always be spouting. They’re BOTH constructed like Jurassic Era reptiles and I hate it.