United Airlines Needs To Do Like My Testosterone L...

United Airlines Needs To Do Like My Testosterone Levels and Call It Quits [VIDEO]

So girl, what the hell is really going on? United tried to literally run a smear campaign on this Doctor as if the things he was accused of doing years ago really mattered when it came to his rights as a traveler on that plane/customer. And now people are saying that those criminal reports are false ones from another doctor with a similar name. Leave to white media to be so careless with ‘foreign’ sounding names that they forget to do something a simple as double fucking checking.


The CEO seemed to be so careless with his ‘apology’ and emails. The whole situation has United losing millions of dollars in market value. I’m happy about it. The establishment doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings, culture, or the discrimination you face until it affects their pockets. If they don’t get their act together, I won’t be pressed if United is drained dry and the careless execs have to sell those airplanes to keep up with their damn monthly mortgage payments.

Even the government was perplexed. There was a letter from the Senate written to United asking them how this could happen. They asked why regulations were not set in place, if the doctor’s rights were spelled out for him and if he was offered the maximum legal compensation that can be given when airlines overbook. Now, airlines overbook bit  on purpose to maximize profit incase people don’t show up. But federal regulations are set in place since this is common practice. The government wants to know if everything was followed by the book. I’m guessing that it wasn’t

I wonder if Becky with the good hair or a Tyler Posey built whitey would have gotten the same treatment that this Asian gentleman did. Y’all sure know how to pick who to drag, beat, and shoot. It’d be great if y’all would also pick our minority asses for higher employment so maybe you won’t have a group of yes men telling you to release a horrible ad campaign with Kendall Jenner.

This shit is getting old. I’m tired of it. But watch my video on the subject here: