Get Into The Gay Bitchcraft and Wigotry that is &#...

Get Into The Gay Bitchcraft and Wigotry that is “Not A Horror Story” [VIDEO]

Five gay witches. What more do you need in your life? If you’re looking for a mesmerizing series that is relatable, edgy, and full of enviable supernatural powers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Based off of American Horror Story Coven: characters like Ian, Xae, Chris, Kyson and Jae all go on adventure through the dangerous pathways of their world. And of course, anytime there are a a few gay men around each other, the shade and reading never come in low quantities. If you give these gay men powers however, then even reality starts to change.

Get ready for the twists, action, betrayal, and endless raw emotion that Not A Horror Story is going to give to you in full force. Support this up & coming franchise by watching their short film below!