Ft. French Montana’s Game-of-Jenga-Built Car...

Ft. French Montana’s Game-of-Jenga-Built Career Doesn’t Scare Him Enough For Him To STFU [VIDEO]

Will idiotic faux rappers ever stop being problematic? They all seem to be connected to Rachel Dolezal’s wifi network because these trash tweets are uploading faster than “I have a best friend who is black” Twitter pounds the hashtag to tweet #AllLivesMatter.

Let’s take a look at what Trash Montana, tweeted before he hops onto someone else’s track to keep food on the table.

Wow, strong words coming from someone who is a non-black person of color. Strong, but not surprising.

Honestly, he could have just dragged her with one of his pay stubs and kept it moving. There are thousands of retorts he could have used that didn’t involve using a problematic ass term to describe a black woman’s hair. He could have said “I made $XX,XXX last month, wbu” (Five figures may be giving him way too much credit, but you get the idea).

The fact that #AshyNiggaTwitter is on there defending his ass, really shows me why so many artists have Yacht’s and music videos full of white women. They’re trying to appeal to these type of trash men who’d rather get falsely accused of rape by white women, than standing up for the black women who fighting for their brains to not be scattered across the street by police officers.

#AshyNiggaTwitter is currently online dragging the same black features that the women who pushed them out their vagina have. And the NON BLACK French Montana is their mindless leader. Imagine that. A non black person of color is getting you brainless wastes of sperm and egg to drag your OWN BLACK FEATURES.

Wake up. Aren’t ya’ll tired of being the butt of literally every joke on Earth? Literally. Hold your favorite ‘artists’ (if that’s what you want to call him) accountable for the problematic shit that they say. It’s getting repetitive (and I know that you all might be used to that as French Montana’s fans–having to listen to his verses and all, but I’m tired).

Watch my video on the subject here: