Chrisette Michele Coons for Coins: They’ll Pay For...

Chrisette Michele Coons for Coins: They’ll Pay For Coons But Not Your Healthcare [VIDEO]

It would be disrespectful to offer me hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform for someone who speaks bullshit about my community and almost every other damn minority in the country. All of a sudden, the country has the money now to pay coon niggers to perform, but Flint still has no clean water. Where are the resources for them?

Where are the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the black people you were reportedly discriminating against in your housing projects, Donald? Cooning HBCUs can receive thousands of dollars to help them get to perform at the inauguration, yet those same students probably received their financial aid four months into the semester. The simple fact that the school had to put up a Go Fund Me to make the trip, should tell you that schools that service minorities need more attention when it comes to policy and funding.

Publicly degrade minority communities, ignore the systematic problems that they face, but pick a few influential ones to give resources to so you can be in their good graces. I’m not down with that and those coons could never speak for me. We are told that we are too militant when we use our voice to demand justice. We struggle for resources in that department. But when it comes to tap-dancing for massa, all of a sudden $750,000 worth of resources are suddenly there. Blacks shouldn’t have to play a part of your hold-hands-and-sing-Kum-Ba-Yah trash agenda to see resources.

Be warned: after you coon, white supremacy ignores you. After the tap-dance is over, you go back to eating the same manure that the privileged throw down at you from their place at the top of totem pole. You can strive for massa to pick you to be in the house for the moment, but at the end of the day, they still view you as a damn slave.

Instead of standing up for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you, stand with your community. Work with those trying to get ahead in a game with loaded dice. The effect will be longer-lasting and help with the progression of our people.


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