These #HiddenFences ‘mistakes’ Reveal So Much Abou...

These #HiddenFences ‘mistakes’ Reveal So Much About White Mainstream Media [VIDEO]

White musicals have been getting awards for decades. Meanwhile the movies that explored new, risky, and vital territory (like Moonlight and Hidden Figures) did not get all of the awards that they truly deserved. I’m not sure how a musical about a white Jesus needing to save the black genre that is jazz got more awards, but hey: whites have been giving themselves awards for stealing shit for centuries so this was true to form.

This “Hidden Fence” bullshit was one of the main things that had me pressed last night. As black people do, we twisted misfortune into comedy. We created a twitter hashtag called #GoldenGlobeErrors where we mixed up the names of black movies and actors (just as had been done during the award show with Hidden Figures and Fences).

The fact that whitey had numerous movies to use to make a mistake and they somehow used two of the only nominated black movies to do it, simply demonstrates how our art is still being viewed by the majority. It’s only unique if they put their own spin on it, otherwise our shit is just a monolith that isn’t hard to be grouped all together. We might be seen as black creators, and even given a category within mainstream media, but our stories are not valued for their diversity.

We’re just: “Oh one of those black movies. Was it Hidden Fence? Hidden Moonlight? Love and Basketball Under the Hidden Moonlight? IDK. Give these niggers a category and let’s move on.”

This “wording mistake” that was made during the actual show AND the red carpet event is directly related to just how subconscious some judgments based on race can be. It shows how hard people are going to have to work to undo it because these things are so automatic.

I am ecstatic that these works of black art were recognized, nominated, and awarded. It’s about time.  But  we still have a long way to go when it comes to sensitivity. Mainstream might try to put us in ONE black category while they have established NUMEROUS categories for themselves (because they aren’t all the same and have different stories to tell). Respect that we have many different art forms, narratives, and lives. Throw away the box you put us in to try and make us all identical.

Watch my video on this topic here: