2017, You Better Not Try Me! [VIDEO]

2017, You Better Not Try Me! [VIDEO]

Yes, 2016 was a time of pain and stupidity but do not let that stop you from looking forward to what the future holds.

I’m not going to be one of these fake ass wanna-be fortune tellers who claim that 2017 is going to be full of only life and laughter. Nope. Death, pain, and discomfort will be present in 2017 just as it was in 2016. But the one thing that we can count on is opportunity.

I remember literally a year ago, people were looking at what I was doing with my social media platforms and completely underestimating it. Why did I always have to run home to record a video. Why was I so focused on learning different programs? Why was I always tweeting about social justice issues? There Adrian goes with his camera again.

They did not see what I saw. I saw today. I saw what the future held. I saw the amazing supporters that would cheer me on even in the midst of my trauma. I saw the lives that I would touch. I saw how I would shake the table of the status quo and force thousands of people out of their comfort zones for the greater good. I saw the fellow content creators that I would interact with. I saw growing financial freedom I would have.

Don’t let a new year or an old face make you feel like everything is hopeless. Life is not easy, but opportunities (no matter how big or small) always present themselves. Keep going. The year awaits!

Watch my video on the subject here: