Clickbaiting and Gaybaiting Is a Huge Threat to Au...

Clickbaiting and Gaybaiting Is a Huge Threat to Authenticity and Safe Spaces in Social Media [VIDEO]

Y’all are indeed a piece of work. You drag whole movies with million dollar budgets when the trailer is even slightly mismatched with what is shown in the box office and YET you’re out here trying to click bait people.

Often times, (especially by old ass CEOs who’s companies really could use it) social media is not seen as a legitimate platform to craft and deliver messages. You bogus content creators are just adding to the stigma. Fake ass storytimes that never happened with coonish ass thumbnails make me want to hurl.

And forget it if you’re gay. If you’re a part of the LGBT (or any minority) community and you’re a content creator who does this, you’ll build a white audience who wants to laugh with at you but doesn’t care about your struggles. They giggle when you go out of your way to be a caricature of dangerous stereotypes. But when you talk about disproportionate opportunities, or discrimination, or lack of representation they wont be interested–they’ll just ridicule you.  Y’all are quickly building huge platforms made out out of straw and thinking that these things will last.

And to you idiots like Adam Saleh who use stereotypes of your own marginalized community for pranks, may your platform go up in flames. It’s all fun and games until those stereotypes affect you in real life and you call for a whole airline to be boycotted (when you were probably just causing a disturbance).

Also in the same realm, we have people playing White Jesus and ‘helping’ the less fortunate on camera for a coin. Trash. Some of these social experiment channels are idiotic. A lot of you are just exploiting people with lower socio-economic status for a brand image and some money while not actually taking care of the root problems in real life.

Lastly, you gay-baiting straight people have GOT TO GO. Gay people are out here struggling to create spaces for themselves in the media and here you heterosexuals come, trivializing and tokenizing the gay experience for some views from people who are probably homophobic. You’re straight but you have endless lists of videos appropriating the gay spaces entitled “Coming Out, How Gay Am I, Why Straight Guys Have Sex With Gay Men.”

I caught your tea. Every other video on your channel has lower views than the ones with gay in the title.  As long as you fit beauty standards, you can sell the idea of gayness to a straight, often homophobic audience while ignoring the dark side that often comes with being marginalized. Gay people also fall for the trap of wanting acceptance from heterosexuals and find this type of content appealing (all while ignoring LGBT people who have a story based in reality).

Social media for me was my outlet when I was younger, hating myself and wanting to die. I could easily search for coming out stories or other gay youtube channels and find people who I could relate to. It helped soothe my anxiety. Now-a-days, kids will have to sift through the endless bullshit click/gay-baiting videos to get to ones of substance. I that in the future my content and the content of legitimate creators can eventually overshadow the phony so those who are struggling will have something authentic to comfort them.

Watch my video on the subject here: