2016 Really Tried it! [VIDEO]

From all of our legends dying off to Tomi Lahren’s racist, fucked-up, white trash Barbie-built-ass sucking the life out of us, 2016 was a very very hard ass year to endure. I’m gon slap the shit out of 2017 if it tries to be anything like 2016.

This year was particularly trash because of the political environment and ugly race relations. I mean, these things were always problematic, but it took a shitty election run and result to get racists to be even more open about the idiotic shit they believe in.

Our legends and cultural/art gatekeepers are disappearing faster than my faux masculinity when I leave a barber shop. Some of ya’ll didn’t even know who these people were until they took their last breath, then all of a sudden you were their biggest fans on social media. I see you fakes.

The cooning was also something serious this year. Some of these YouTubers and celebrities thought that their genetic makeup was different from what they were born with. They thought that if they kissed massa’s ass for enough time, that they’d turn white and internalize all the privilege that comes with it. The infection of White Supremacy spread far and wide in people who thought that the sickness was a cure.

Watch my roast of 2016 here: