A Man Can Walk On Water, But 50 People In Orlando ...

A Man Can Walk On Water, But 50 People In Orlando Can’t Like The Same Sex [VIDEO]

Some of you think that a talking snake convinced a woman to eat a magically evil fruit to doom all of humanity. You’re using this to defend the mass shootings of us faggots.  You can kick rocks and bite on them until your teeth get lodged into your brain.

The audacity of you to be against homosexuality but totally accept the fact that Adam and Eve’s incest-loving sons and daughters fucked each other in order to populate the earth. The goddamn audacity. Pulse 1

50 people have died at a night club (that I’ve visited multiple times) and all you idiots do is run to the very same scriptures that say that “women should remain silent in the churches.” It’s laughable. Leviticus told you all that “the nakedness of your sister, […] their nakedness you shall not uncover.”  But as I said before, didn’t Eve’s children have to be incestuous for humans to exist? I thought y’all said God doesn’t change?

All these holes in the Bible disgust you less than the bullet holes that were lodged into my LGBT brothers and sisters. Disgusting. You’re using logic with the strength of a toilet paper sheet for some shitty ass defense.

pulse 2“Love your neighbor as yourself” doesn’t apply when the neighbor likes to shove a big dick in their assholes until they orgasm? You view us as opposition but “love your enemies” doesn’t apply when your enemy is a woman that likes to push her tongue around a clitoris? Keep this fake evangelism. Keep this fake Christianity. Keep the love of Jesus away from me if your representation of him is someone who is exhilarated by the thought of 50 of his creations staining the streets of Orlando with their blood. KEEP IT.

I’ll never let up on you homophobic, pathetic, coward bitches using a book that was written by men thousands of years ago to defend the constant destruction of my community. I’ll never let up.