TIRED ASS Misty Musgraves: White People Brought Ho...

TIRED ASS Misty Musgraves: White People Brought Homophobia NOT Homosexuality! (VIDEO)

There’s been a trifling ass video going around and the premise of it being that white slave owners fucked us black men in our asses and now that’s why we lip-sync to Cher and Beyoncé. I cant believe that this pit-bull in the face built bitch had the audacity to turn on her phone camera and leak garbage from her larynx. Musty Musgraves take your wanna-be prophetess ass on somewhere.

imageFor some reason a lot of people believe that white people didn’t want blacks to reproduce so they introduced homosexuality. That’s a ludicrous idea because slaves were fucking economic assets. Why the FUCK would you not want them to reproduce?

The other view is that when white people came to Africa, they brought homosexuality with them to destroy us. But bitch, the some of the first Europeans to come to the continent of Africa (The Portuguese) found a lot of of us fags prancing around as soon as their unwelcomed-ass boats touched the coasts. The Portuguese “noted the range of gender relations in African societies and referred to the ‘unnatural damnation’ of male-to-male sex in Congo.”

You all give way too much credit to white men. How could they have invented a whole sexuality? Sit your low IQ points having ass down somewhere. Do research. Transvestitism was popular in Madagascar and Ethiopia. Gay sex happened in “present day Cameroon and Gabon.” “The Nzima of Ghana had a tradition of adult men marrying each other with an age difference of ten years.”  And also, similar to ancient Greece, Sudan’s Zande tribe had warriors who paid bride prices to marry boys who then grew up to become warriors who did the same.  blooop

See, the minds of blacks were free until invasive ass whites came into the picture. They brought the rules of Christianity that told them that being gay was an abomination. This thinking is STILL imbedded present day countries in Africa and THAT’S why there are governments there that prohibit homosexuality. THAT’S also why a lot of you get on social media proclaiming stupid shit.

While you thought that me riding dick was a result of the influence of the white man, your homophobic ass thinking actually is. Now check that.

Watch my video below!