F*cked Ya Father: A Diss Track To Homophobia

F*cked Ya Father: A Diss Track To Homophobia

I’ve always wanted to be a voice for the bullied. I always use whatever platform I have to stand up for people who find it difficult to stand up for themselves. The lyrics to this came to me after I heard a beat that Joker (my producer) had created. This goes hard and the lyrics have to be brutal, I thought. There’s no better way to use intensity than to use it to fight hatred. This is what this song represents.

I always joke about taking people’s boyfriends and for some reason the phrase fucked ya father kept popping up in my head. So I wrote the chorus first and then the two verses last.

This song goes out to anyone who has struggled with homophobic idiots in the past. This song goes out to all the boys who claim that they’re straight but are always worried about what gay men are doing with their penises. While you’re harassing me, I’ve fucked your homeboy and swiped your father’s cards. Soundcloud link and lyrics below!




Yeah, I’m a fag, but I fucked your dad

and like Michael Jackson, that nigga was bad.

You call me a sissy you say that I’m prissy,

but ya fatha just DM’d me begging to kiss me!


I’m spending his cash, I’m swiping his cards.

He gives you allowance he gives me a car.

You hating ass maggot you say I’m a faggot,

but ya dad saw my ass and he reaching to grab it.


You been a knock off and I’m top of the line.

If I am a pussy, then Lives I got nine.

Walked in on us fucking then you started crying,

say hi to your step-mom bitch, I’m next in line.


I ain’t want to do this but you put me through it!

You call me a faggot I wanted to prove it!

You piss me off then I make your jaw drop cuz

I’m sending you pics of him sucking my cock



I fucked ya father!

Bitch don’t bother!

I’m the realest in the game

and that’s why he hollered!

While you hatin gays,

ya dad says my name.

And if you passed away,

we would fuck on ya grave!



I fucked ya father!

Bitch don’t bother!

If fags make you mad then so should your dad.

I like what I like I am what I am, bitch

I’ll take your uncle and I’ll steal your man.


Why do you wear that? Bitch cuz I can!

Yall out here looking like a Tucan Sam.

Ill rock a crop top just for your man

and I’ll send him back to you but ill keep his bands


I’m gay. I’m laid. I’m paid, self-made.

You broke but worried bout my bed-mates?

I’m not talking weather but I’m getting degrees.

I’m not talking prayer but you stay on your knees.


I fucked your dad and I came in his eye.

Fetty Wapped that nigga and then I made him drive.

Y’all both in the car while Im watching from in the crib.

Yall crashed & burned cuz he couldn’t see shit.