STFU: A Message To Tomi Lahren’s Wonder Brea...

STFU: A Message To Tomi Lahren’s Wonder Bread Built Ass

How are you trying to uphold the status quo so fiercely when your first name is Tomi and you’re a fucking female? I’m going to drag your air-headed ass for everything that you have. And since that isn’t much, I’m going further than even that.

I want you to go to Google Images and search “Beautiful Women” what comes up? Thousands of pictures of people that look just like your bleached-scalp-having-ass. If you would lift your head up from sucking on your cousin and internalize this evidence, you would realize that this small example proves what the BLM movement has been about. We have barley any representation in the media. We are degraded and devalued like all other minorities in this country. Whites have set the standard and our voices often times seem to fall on deaf ears. WE LACK POWER, SIS.

Beyoncé, in a scene from the video for "Formation

In your Windows Movie Maker-edited segment you claim that we are trying to promote this notion that “…Black Lives Matter more.” Again, your cousin’s penis can’t be that big that it’s causing your eyes to lose focus. The words say “Black Lives Matter”, where did your tooth-pick-built ass get “more” from? We are trying to say that black lives matter JUST AS MUCH as anyone else’s.

Beyoncé said “stop shooting us” not “fuck all cops.” Some of you all are so genetically inferior and mentally incapacitated that you can’t tell the difference. Cops are killing us, Bugs Bunny, and as a community we’re crying out for it to stop. That’s literally it.

And, bitch, did I really hear you ask if Beyoncé was promoting a group that was trying to accomplish an “overthrow of white dominance.” So wait, does that mean that you already know that whites dominate? Do you know that in order to dominate, there has to be a party that is submissive? That means you are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing power. That means that we are going to have to snatch it from you, sis. Those who dominate also oppress. You desire the maintenance of modernized slavery. NOT ON MY WATCH, SIS.


Your argument is that since both black girls and white girls like Beyoncé’s music, race shouldn’t be a factor. But when that black girl grows up and finds out that most employers would hire a white felon before they hire a black person with a clean record (look it up) how could Beyoncé NOT talk about race? It still is an important issue, Ursula. We aren’t devaluing white lives when we stand up for ourselves. Racist whites are the ones that devalue other groups while affirming themselves. You must be scared to get a taste of your own medicine.

And you idiotic saltine cracker built-bitches love to cite Martin Luther King as the go-to pacifist as if he wasn’t radical and controversial as hell too. As if people like you weren’t creating unnecessary statements attacking his methods as well. AS IF A WHITE MAN DIDN’T SHOOT HIS BLACK ASS DOWN.

And who the fuck is a “BAYhive?” You should be afraid of the BEYhive because we really can drag your protractor, geometry class built ass chin to an alternate dimension where your IQ points are actually existent.