Rihanna’s “Work” Isn’t Wor...

Rihanna’s “Work” Isn’t Working…Just Like Her Fanbase

GURRRRRLLL. Rihanna snatched a whole chapter out of Ariana Grande’s book the way that those words were slurring like she had one too many cranberry vodkas. I’m simply not here for it. For the 100 composers that were featured on that song, it did not deliver like it should have. I like that she’s representing the islands but I need something harder to buss a wine to.

At this point, I’m not sure if producing something of quality would benefit her since her brand seems to be built off of mediocrity and the absence of musical skill. This song is like a very determined lullaby. Maybe all that waiting to release her album caused her to be a bit lethargic but I’m not featuring it.

Speaking of features, it was a very intelligent move to put Drake on the track. Rihanna could fart in the mic the whole time in the studio, edit it, put Drake on it, and it would still go number one. Sounds like exactly what she just did to me, sis. Either way, yall would support her underwhelming ass (in everything but albums). You would even pay to go see her do this for 2 hours:


Obviously, a great deal of people disagree with my thoughts on the single because it has reached number one on iTunes. Still, to me, it’s boring and although BBHMM did not capture the public’s attention, it’s much more exciting. But hey, it sells right? Give it a listen below and tell me what you think.

And you know I HAD to do a video on it expressing my thoughts. I have some more tea as well brewing for you below. Check it out!