Don’t Be Basic In 2016

I’m looking at these posts on social media and thinking: “New year, new you girl?” Ok. Isn’t that what you said last year?. I’m all about progression! And as you can see from this very site you’re reading this on, I also believe in working hard to getcookie it. Some of you expect to be new and transformed individuals when the clock strikes 12 without effort.

This year, let’s just work on not being basic. Let’s work on improvement. Let’s work on making others smile. Let’s do something worth something.

In marketing/advertising when companies set goals they have to be realistic. (In other words, a company cannot be expected to increase brand awareness across multimedia channels by 5000% in two days). This applies to our lives as well. We make all these unrealistic goals the day before a new year and expect for magic to happen. When it doesn’t we get frustrated and think it’s not worth our time anyway.

Instead of rushing to get likes and retweets, we should come up with a gradual and personal plan of improvement. As long as we are progressing and coming to yearly check points then we wont have to worry about changing from a Khia to a Beyonce from December 31st to January 1st.