Conspiracy vs Coin: Bill Cosby and The Media

Conspiracy vs Coin: Bill Cosby and The Media

Many people took to social media today to voice their rather unstable opinions after Bill Cosby was charged with assault. People are arguing that there is some sort of media conspiracy going on that is trying to draw our attention away from the Tamir Rice situation. Apparently, media companies are trying to distract us from issues at hand (as if the Bill Cosby case isn’t also an issue at hand.)

Girl, people going to talk badly about you when you’re being accused of rape. Lettuce not, sis. Lettuce not. The media’s job is to get you to consume so they can cash out. You don’t have anyone else but yourself to blame if you do not have the mental capacity to focus on more than one issue at a time. Both the Bill Cosby and Tamir Rice can be disturbing to you simultaneously. It’s ok boo–just multitask. No one is demanding that you care about one more than the other.

I honestly hope that justice is served and that the general public understands that sometimes for-profit organizations are simply working for a damn profit and that’s it.