Tamir Rice: Justice NOT Served

While government officials are trying to focus the general public on threats of ISIS and teens smoking plants, I don’t see any effort being put into revamping the system of terrorism that is going on within our own borders.

Tamir was 12 but apparently going on twenty according to the police officer who gunned him down in an open carry state. Fake guns, 12/14-year olds, and size 36 waist jeans are all it apparently takes to put the fear of the nigga into the hearts of a lot of whites.

“Prosecutors described Tamir as very big for his age. He weighed 170 pounds, was 5 foot 7 and wore a size 36 pants.” – CNN

(an image of the late Tamir Rice)

(an image of the late Tamir Rice)

Let’s not bring up size when it comes to the incompetence and trigger-happiness that some aggressive policemen seem to possess. 1 Year Ago I read the headline “Sleeping 7-year old girl shot in head during no-knock police raid on wrong home.” The same police force that shot Tamir Rice also tackled his 14-year-old sister to the ground when she came rushing to see what had happened. Size matters not apparently and neither does gender. But there seems to be one common denominate and that is skin color.

Society must work to break the negative views/stereotypes that we have of blacks which are so powerful that they even work to destroy our youth. We must revamp the system. Different training is needed. Different people are needed who are actually passionate about the core of serving and protecting and not just shooting and violence. We must change the fact that minorities get more harsh sentences than whites for the same crime and not ignore it.

There’s a trend going on and I don’t like it. The quicker we focus on these issues, the safer black lives will be. Besides, who will you all get copy culture from if we are all gone?