KeKe Palmer Follows the Stupid “Don’t Label Me” Tr...

KeKe Palmer Follows the Stupid “Don’t Label Me” Trend

What is it with these celebrities who never want to be labeled (only when it comes to things that are not seen as totally socially acceptable)? In other words, why don’t I hear people who exclusively are sexual/romantic with the opposite sex claim that they are not straight and that they don’t put themselves in a box?

Recently Keke Palmer has stated that she doesn’t want to be stuck down to one label (even though she has a girlfriend). In my mind If you like men and women, then there’s a name for that: bisexuality. If you only like women, there’s a name for that: lesbianism. Why are people so afraid to claim it? Sh*t, straight people claim the hell out of their orientation!



Maybe since the label comes with so many negative effects, people don’t want to be associated with it. But my point is, no matter what I call myself, society will always treat me like a gay + black male. You can run from it but you cannot hide.


In the gay world, femininity in men is sometimes seen as undesirable especially in the black community. I think it is for this reason that there are many gay men describing themselves in dating profiles saying “I’m not feminine or masculine…I’m me.” Yet, when you meet many of these guys in person they are flinging invisible hair around and switching their hips like they are in a Beyonce video.


Why are we scared of who we are? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be known for more than just being black, gay, lesbian, feminine…whatever.  (After all, I don’t want people to point at me and say, “It’s that black gay guy!” I want them to say “It’s Adrian) But it seems like a cop-out when celebrities jump in this stupid trend of faux elusiveness.