Rapists Wanna Be Victims So Badly!

Keep your fake tears Daniel Holtzclaw. The way your eyes are set up so close to each other, losing water from them might cause them both to shrivel up and become one. You raped dozens of black women and used the power of the badge to try and keep them quiet. Who can we go to if we cannot even trust our law enforcement?

You then had the nerve to sit in court and cry like a like a gay boy that didn’t think using lubrication was important. They gave you the verdict and told you “Good luck, sis.” It really baffles me how you could have done things like rape someone while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed and now you want to be the victim. What happened, you like forcing sex on others but when karma fucks you, you can’t take it? Wait until you get to prision

And Pill Cosby, I didn’t forget about you and your hocus pocus drink-making. You like putting women in a state that makes them unable to say no to you and your drooping chin(s). You also want to be someone’s victim with the way that you’re trying to legally go after 7 (of the dozens) of the women that have accused you. Both of you need a new spirit and I hope what goes around comes around and kicks you in your disrespectful overstepping penises.