Odell vs Butt-Hurt Straight Men

If Odell isn’t at least bisexual, my hot-and-bothered ass surely wishes he was. I know that his smooth skin is constructed purely of caramel and I currently have a sweet tooth. His continuing “antics” (dancing with or around other guys, looking at other men, etc) is apparently cause for concern according to straight men.

Why is it that men who are supposed to be focused on labia are so concerned about Odell possibly leaving more for them to have? Saying all of this, of course, is assuming that he isn’t straight in the first place simply because of the way he chooses to move his body and interact with people. He can’t simply be an open-minded individual who doesn’t care what you broke, dead-beat-daddy-having, no-girl-getting ass n*ggas say?


Let’s just say for argument’s sake that Odell is gay or bisexual. How does that affect your life? Isn’t he still a good player? Why does it shake your spirit so much that Odell might possibly be into discosticks and fresh sausage? Aren’t you supposed to be focused on convincing yourself that you like vagina? What does that make you if you are the one who is so focused on a man’s sex life?the-joker-meme-generator-why-so-homophobic-db2bd0

Just a few things to think about. In the meantime, I’ll go back to fantasizing that he and Trey Songz are remaking the Partition video right now.