Wendy “Washed-Up” Williams Comes For V...

Wendy “Washed-Up” Williams Comes For Viola Davis

Wendell “Barn-Horse” Williams. There’s no reason for your ass to be built like a whole Sesame Street segment and yet at the same time fail to display any level of education. Why does your Deathly Hollows built IQ points and face continue to serve horror movie teas with the way that they are both so alarming and frightening?

I see that you identify more with Black Beauty than actual black beauty. How dare you come into the limelight (with your Go-Go-Gadget built ass) and diminish the accomplishment of a fellow (?) black woman, fellow.

Yes, Viola Davis is the first BLACK woman to receive an Emmy for Best Actress In A Drama. No, we should NOT erase the word BLACK out of the “first BLACK woman” description, as you suggested with your #AllLivesMatter built ass.

It says a lot when past winners have consistently been white. It says something about the roles that blacks were/are offered. In movies they are the people who die first, they are the maids, the secretaries, the doormen. Their roles typically line up with the stereotypes that have been established by society and do not display the fullness and complexity of blackness.

 When all of this is taken into consideration it is indeed a great milestone not only for Viola to have won an Emmy in this category but simply for the fact that she was even given her role. The milestone lies in the fact that Shonda Rhimes was even able to work her beautiful black ass up into a position of power in television where she could offer representation on screen to minority groups. The milestone lies in the fact that in a world that defines beauty and success through whiteness, somehow through progression of mindsets, hard work, and opportunity blackness got to shine through.

Viola Davis and Kerry Washington are for the little black girl who’s only seen mostly white men play lawyers in the media. Denzel Washington and Will Smith are for those little black boys who get to see people who look like them play roles that are not based on what’s stereotyped.

So yes, Witchcraft Williams (a.k.a Whale-like Williams, a.k.a Weighted Williams, a.k.a WholeMilk Williams) we need to acknowledge anytime a person from an underrepresented group breaks a barrier. Just like someone needs to barricade you from reaching the fridge and the plastic surgeon’s office. It’s fitting that your face is built like the Batman Trilogy the way that your show and logic are such damn jokes.

The next time you feel the need to lick the asshole of white supremacy, at least make sure it wants to claim you too. And I promise you, as long as you have that African DNA stringing through your fossil, Jurrassic World, pterodactyl, komodo dragon, Yoshi from Super Mario built ass, you’re just a n*gger to society—just like me.