I Stand With Ahmed Mohamed

If you take half-brained circus animals and ask them to run a police department and a school system you’ll end up with a situation similar to that which is occurring in Irving, Texas

How dare these empty-headed, know-nothing officials allow their ingrained islamophobia to almost ruin the life of a citizen who is already contributing more to society than they could.

Ahmed Mohamed should not have to apologize for being smarter than the average. He should not have to apologize for his name. He should not have to apologize for his background. He should not have to apologize for his gift of creation.

What does it say about our country (and our world) that even children as young as 14 are faced with such bias and discrimination? Why is it that white males are mainly the ones shooting up theatres and schools but society is so racist that it overlooks facts to generalize and stereotype underrepresented groups?

Because of his background, Ahmed will likely face intense scrutiny. He’ll be looked at strangely when he goes to an airport. He’ll be inspected more thoroughly. He’ll be blamed for tragedies like 9/11. Because all Christians are just like the Westboro Baptist Church, right? Minorities are expected to answer for and represent their whole group while the majority can divide themselves how they want to and separate themselves from extremists.

It’s sick and pathetic that the ugly side and issues of society have stretched their hands so far that they constantly reach the classroom. People’s ridiculous hatred and stereotypes should not affect the hopes and dreams of a student (and a brilliant one at that). Students should not be scared to learn and do and dream and create because of the fact that some people are idiots.

Leadership must change. Leadership must represent the population so that there is proper representation. Leadership must be tolerant. Leadership must be educated.

How dare you find yourself in educational leadership position and continue to blissfully bask in ignorance that is intolerance and prejudice? You must become learned and informed before you can even try to teach others, otherwise biases will be passed on and your teaching will not be as effective as it could be.

Keep the monkeys, chimps, and orangutans away from the school, police, and political systems. We wont be able to progress if we are being ‘led’ by peoples with brains that haven’t even development beyond the caveman era.