Put Iggy In Pop & Give T.I. Some Grammar Less...

Put Iggy In Pop & Give T.I. Some Grammar Lessons

Even though I cannot stand Azebra (No Money In The) Banks and his many homophobic and racist outbursts. And even though he does not know how to express himself without making himself seem like a psychotic idiot, certain points that he was making were strong ones. Itchy Areola is NOT excellent and yet her whiteness (a.k.a privilege) has caused her to progress far faster in a genre of music that she does not understand (nor cares to understand). Her rhymes are sub-par and her flow reminds me of a busy soccer mom who forgot to take her pills.

Rap is supposed to be metaphoric, creative, smart, sneaky, in your face and it is supposed to tell a story. These nursery rhymes that Igloo Australia is serving the general public are overrated. But, because of how she looks, her material is pushed further because it appeals to the majority. The majority then sees this horror and will slowly but surely start to think that unsatisfactory ghostwriting is what hip-hop really is. The face of hip hop is being warped and I can completely understand why real fans of the genre are upset. (And of course, Iggy’s not the only one who’s been doing this).

But unsurprisingly, the one person who’s defending Ugly Urethra the most fiercely is her check signer: T.I. himself. He went on twitter to try and sound scholarly but ended up looking as desperate as his wife is for a new face. I’m not going to get into a lot of his poorly written tweets but he did say that “not all white people out to steal our culture…there are some that merely wish to contribute to it”

Ok idiot TIP, here are a few tips.

Eggy Azalea can’t contribute to a culture created by people that she hates. And she’s proven this time and time again with her old racist tweets and her “runaway slave master” line.

Iffy Azalea cannot contribute to a culture that she does not care to understand. As weird and controversial as Eminem was, he got it, he understood it. (Which is why he had a less difficult time being accepted by the hip hop world than this pin up doll does).

Trashy Azoology can’t contribute to a culture/genre that prides itself on skill and technique if she does not have any! I’ve created poorly produced “rap” songs on my Youtube channel that required more skill than it took to make her whole album. I’m a poet by nature but the fact that my lines were more impressive than her whole discography should say a lot about the fact that this testosterone-filled, oak-tree-built puppet doesn’t have any lyrical power.

Honestly, I wish that T.I. would just tell the truth. Figgy AZincFace is making him money (as little as that may be with those flopped sales) and he wants to conserve his coins. Someone has to pay for his remedial English classes right? If T.I. admitted that, I think I would be more comfortable. Because in my opinion, if Iggy was signed to someone else, he would be dissing her all the time. It’s funny how rappers brag about being so real but as soon as money is flashed in front of their faces they are not about that life. He knew she was a girl that favored what society considered to be beautiful and he knew that she would captivate the majority audience (even though no one bought that album but I’m as asleep as T.I.’s spell check). You mean to tell me that T.I. could find no other up and coming rapper (white or black) that understood hip-hop and had better bars than Iggy?

Put Trashy Azoboomafoo’s ass in the pop category and then the world will be a better place. If you just snatch her out of the categories in which people tell stories, and write musical poetry and create social commentary and have nice flows then I think everyone could breathe easier. But for as long as this girl is out here presenting a dumbed down image of what hip-hop is NOT, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people out there.