Get Chris Brown Some THERAPY!!!!

Get Chris Brown Some THERAPY!!!!

Much like his live vocals, Chris Brown is inadequate, inept, and indecent. A mere weed-smelling whiff of his former glory, Chris has some serious problems with anger. People should have listened to me a long time ago and put him and his dying career in some type of therapy.

He got arrested for beating someone up. Apparently the man that he pulverized perfectly and precisely to a pulp was talking sh*t. But when will Cocaine Brown realize that when you have fame you are also destined to have sh*t talkers, rumors, haters, death threats, etc. If you cannot handle it, go into hiding, get therapy and get some good friends who actually care about you and will support you. NOT Karrauche’s coochie.

And the one thing that I will never understand is how some basic, breadless, barbaric, buffoon-like b*tches are still so obsessed with Chris Brown’s personality. Never mind the fact that he beat Rihanna’s ass, Frank’s ass, is now out here wreaking havoc on civilians, is proud of the fact that he got raped at 8 years old and witnessed his mother being physically abused in childhood. Y’all dummies are in the same category as the people that say R.I.P to Bossie’s victims but in the same breath want him out of jail. Just as confused as Chris is.

I told you once and I’ll say it again. Fist Brown needs therapy and he needs it quickly before he does something else extremely detrimental. The fact that his fans are sitting here egging it on, putting on fronts like if they didn’t have a friend or family member who was doing this crazy sh*t that they wouldn’t have tried to get them psychological help (and eventually cut ties with them if they kept resisting and acting out like Chris had been doing for fear of their own saftey).

Hypocritical dumbass fans that want to look/be “cool” rooting for a “badass n*gga” that does whatever he wants. Okay but when someone comes and “does whatever he wants” to you, your mother, your siblings, etc, I hope that you will be just as vocal and positive about that situation too.

Get Flop Brown some therapy, and stop rooting his tone deaf ass on.