Kardashian Korporation

Kardashian Korporation

People will go crazy for the counterfeit. They like the superficial. (This is not only seen with the Kardashian brand but also with Nicki Minaj. I saw some delusional idiots on twitter saying: “It’s her ass, it doesn’t matter if she paid for it.”)

So with all that in mind, companies are NOT going to pass up an opportunity to make money. They try to make people think that how they are/how they look is never enough. That they MUST have the latest and most expensive fashion in order to amount to anything.

And it works.

There are people following the Kardashians’ every move wishing that they could be more like them, instead of developing a personality for themselves. Obviously, people do this to any celebrity but the Kardashian Klan (and Paris Hilton etc.) actually depend solely on a facet of society that makes people think that they aren’t good enough.

They take serious issues and minimize them/take them for granted to create good drama for reality T.V. Kim, for example takes marriage and turns it into playdates drowned in hormones for better TV ratings.

And as dumb as they all seem on TV, they have to have some type of intelligence to be able to keep the Kardashian empire running so strong for so long. They have to be smart because people fall for it. They have to be smart because they notice what makes their audience addicted to their lifestyles and continues to make content that satisfies their needs and has them begging for more. I just wish they would use their smarts to accomplish different goals.

But in the mean time, why don’t you make your own ‘Korporation’? Be independent and make people want to be like you instead of following stupid, pointless, and expensive trends that will change tomorrow.